scan0029 scan0001 scan0002 scan0003 scan0004 scan0005 scan0006 scan0007 scan0008 scan0009 scan0010 scan0011 scan0012 scan0013 scan0014 scan0015 scan0016 scan0017 scan0018 scan0019 scan0020 scan0021 scan0022 scan0023 scan0024 scan0025 scan0026 scan0027 scan0028C. K. RAMARAO

#202, Skill Legacy Apartments,

Barkatpura,Hyderabad– 27,

Andhra Pradesh,INDIA500 027.

Phone/Fax: +91-40-7564068. Cell: +919866843460.

Email: ramarao_ck@yahoo.com, ckramarao@shilpatech.com


  • Over thirty five years experience in setting up and managing Satellite Earth  Stations for Communications as well as Remote Sensing applications.
  • Involved in system integration, installation, testing & commissioning and operations & maintenance of all types of Satellite Earth Station Terminals.
  • Involved in managing a team of engineers for various remote sensing & communications earth station projects.


  • System Engineering, Development Abilities and Industry Knowledge.
  • Planning and evaluation of Satellite Earth Station Terminals.
  • Integration, installation, testing and commissioning of Satellite      Earth Station Systems.   Development      of Earth Station sub-systems.
  • Upgrade of existing Satellite Earth Stations to receive      data/voice/video from different Satellites.
  • Good understanding of      Remote Sensing/Communication Terminals need in Indian/Asian market.


BS in electronics and communications                                                           May 1980

Institute of Electronics and Communications,New   Delhi,India


  • Microwave Antenna      Measurements, Georgia Institute of Technology,Atlanta,USA     in July 1984.
  • Visited Scientific      Atlanta facilities in connection with ERS Remote Sensing Data Reception      Program.
  • Visited Fucino Earth      Station Facilities,Italy     in connection with Microwave Remote Sensing Reception Program.
  • VisitedSingapore     in 1986 to attend the Communiqe Asia Seminar
  • Satellite      Communications Systems atSpace        Applications Center,India.


Shilpa Satcomm Technologies, Hyderabad, INDIA                                  April 1999 – Present 

Position/Title: Chief Consultant.

  • Independent consultant in the field of remote sensing and      communications satellite earth stations, systems and sub-system level.
  • Management of system integration, installation, testing and      commissioning of all types of satellite earth station terminals.
  • Having good contacts and exposure inIndiaand abroad with manufacturing companies in the field of Communications and Remote Sensing Satellite Earth Station Terminals.

Avantel Communications Limited, INDIA                                    January 1995 – April 1999

Position/Title: Director, Satellite Communications Area.

  • Responsible for      development of satellite communications ground station systems.
  • Developed and      fabricated QPSK Demodulators & BSSCs to receive IRS-1C/1D data,      absorbing the technology transfer fromNRSA,INDIA.                      Contd…2


  • Manufactured and supplied the above equipments toNRSA&DEAL,INDIA.
  • Led the team of engineers in installation, testing and commissioning of an IBS F-3 earth station for STPI, at NOIDA,New Delhi,INDIA.
  • Developed and fabricated hand held S – band mobile satellite system transmit only terminal for search and rescue use.
  • Supplied 3.8 M and 4.0 M VSAT antenna systems to HFCL -New Delhi.
  • Supplied 1.8 M VSAT antenna systems to COMSAT – MAX India, Mumbai.
  • Supplied 4.5 M VSAT antenna systems toMilitaryEngineering     College,Secundrabad,India.

National Remote Sensing Agency, Govt. of India, INDIA.           July 1979 – February 1995

Position/Title:  Head, Earth Stations Operations Division.

  • Management of various Data Reception Projects.
  • Integration, Installation, Testing, Commissioning, Operations and      Maintenance of  Data Reception      Stations:






  • Incharge –  Receive System of IRS-1A/1B Data      Reception Earth Station.

– Interacted withSpaceApplicationsCenter, ISRO in upgrading the L/S bands prim focus

fed earth station terminal to S/X bands cassegrain type earth station terminal.

  • Led the team in establishing remote sensing satellite earth      station receive system atISRO     SatelliteCenter,     Bangalore,INDIA.
  • Project Manager of      IRS-1C/1D Data Reception Earth Station.

– Presentation of project proposals to Project Management Board at ISRO H.Qs.

– Pre launch and post launch tests on Earth Station Data Reception Equipments.

– Bore sight antenna test range to simulate the near real time data reception and antenna

auto track to meet the requirement of pre pass readiness tests.

– Developed and integrated X band synthesized 5 channel up-down converter system.

Overseas Communications Service, INDIA                                    March 1964 – June 1979

Position/Title:  Senior Engineer

  • Operations and      Maintenance of HF Transmitters and Receivers, round the clock shift      supervision.
  • Involved in integration, installation, testing and commissioning      of Standard-A INTELSAT Satellite Earth Station atDehradun,India.      In this Earth Station the integration of ECIL Antenna System, RCA Receive      System, BARC Servo System and ITI Ground Communication Equipments had been      carried out successfully and made operational.
  • Involved in operations and maintenance of earth station sub-systems and extended the customer support for round the clock services.