Products & Services

RF & Microwave Components, Systems and Sub-Systems.

•             Remote Sensing Data Reception Terminals and associated systems.

  • Modulators & Demodulators (QPSK/UQPSK/BPSK)
  • Data Generators and RF Simulators.
  • Image Processing Data Archiving systems.
  • Up/Down Converters, Frequency Synthesizers, Modems for Data and Video, IF AGC amplifiers, IF Distribution Amplifiers, RF cables and Amplitude Equalizers.
  • IF Distribution amplifiers, RF & IF Cross Point Switches.
  • Low Noise Amplifiers, HPAs, SSPAs, RFTs and Coaxial Switches including Redundant Transmit and Receive Systems.

Satellite Earth Stations for Communications ,VSATs, TV Up linking terminals and TVRO terminals. (In ‘C’- Band, Extended-‘C’ Band, Ku-Band  and Ka-band frequencies)

•             All sizes of Antennae for Off Set fed and Prime Focus fed.

•             Antenna Control Systems.

•             ‘C’ Band,  Extended  ‘C’  Band, Ku-Band and Ka-Band Transmit/Receive Feed Horns/OMTs for all types of Earth Station Terminals.

•             Supply of a full array of high-performance semiconductors, passives, actives & interconnects (MIL grade and Industrial/Commercial Grade)

•             Semiconductor Components.

•             Power supplies.

STT under takes the installation, testing and commissioning of all types of  communication & remote sensing satellite earth stations.

The stability of Shilpa Satcomm Technologies may be best demonstrated by the long-term relationships we have forged with the manufacturers / distributors we deal with, many of which span a period of more than 15 years.